2023 Speakers

Keynote speakers

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Dr. James Makokis & Anthony Johnson

The Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Dr. James Makokis

Anthony Johnson

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Session 2A: The "Self-Exclusion Puzzle" - Putting the Pieces Together

Jack Symons

Session 2B: Piloting a Financial Literacy Education Campaign for Safer Gambling

Liz Lusk, Lindsay Kalbfleisch, Tamara Morgan

Session 3A: GameSense Licensing: Collaborating Around a Unified RG Program

Rob Gazzola, Stephen Hard, Chelsea Turner, Marlene Warner

Session 3B: Understanding Emerging Forms of Gambling

Lucas Palmer, Luke Clark, Eliscia Sinclair, Raymond Wu

Session 4A: What Do We Know About Winners and How Can We Support Them

Laurie Norman, Melissa Salmon, Sasha Stark 

Session 4B: The Power of Player Education in Responsible Gambling

Troy Ross, Brianne Doura-Schawohl, Bruce Caughill, Lindsay Slader

Session 5: Addressing Stigma (For Real)

Heather Grieve, Ryan McCarthy, Stacy Shaw, Jay Robinson

Session 6: Regulatory Views from Here and Abroad

Brent McCurdy, Tim Miller, Jaime Wiebe, Bev Mehmel

Session 7A: Omnichannel Approach to Responsible Gaming at MGM Resorts and BetMGM

Garrett Farnes, Richard Taylor

Session 7B: Healthy Play: Our Common Goal

Carla Schaefer

Session 8A: Remote Voluntary Self-Exclusion and Digital Marketing of Online Support 

Phil Sherwood, Ray Fluette

Session 8B: From Vice to Virtue: Transforming Gambling through Social Purpose

Peter ter Weeme

Session 9: Evolving Supports for Players at Risk - Canada's Leadership Opportunities 

Liz Lusk, Ryan McCarthy, Stephanie Ryan, Aaron GlynWilliams