2022 Speakers

Keynote Session

How We Decide

David Eagleman

All Sessions

Session 1: How We Decide

David Eagleman

Session 2A: Positive Play – A Decade of Developments

Dr. Richard Wood

Session 2B: Trends and Indicators of Vulnerability in Gambling and Finance

Kevin deBruyckere, Pamela McDonald, Noah Billick, Marie-Noëlle Savoie 

Session 3: GameSense Advisors Program – A Retrospective

Paul Smith, Adrian Maisonneuve, Jamie Ferguson,  Tamara Morgan 

Session 4: How Social Purpose Can Fuel Your Player Health Ambitions

Peter ter Weeme, Maureen Young

Session 5: The Most Game-Changing Practices Globally in Player Health Today

Dr. Michael Auer, Dr. Thomas Nilsson, Janine Robinson, Dr. Jamie Wiebe 

Session 6A: Evolution of Treatment and Support

Dr. Thomas Nilsson, Dr. Jeff Derevensky, Doung Koo, David Horricks

Session 6B: Players, Products, and Gambling Environments: New Directions

Dr. Luke Clark

Session 7: Reflections on the Past & Future of Responsible Gambling

Keith Whyte

Session 8: Dear Gambling Industry – Here’s What We Want You to Know

Jennifer Gregg, Adrienne Cossom

Pre-Conference Session

Responsible Marketing: Establishing “Guardrails” for Safer Play

Jamie Wiebe, Ryan Persaud, Richard Wood, Floris van Driel

Poster Presentations

The 2022 New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference featured a virtual poster session where researchers and industry professionals presented their work to delegates in an informal online setting.

The poster session is an important addition to the conference program and supports the advancement of industry research. Here are the posters that were featured at the 2022 New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference.

An Online Gambling Intervention Using the Realization Effect

Ke Zhang (UBC)

A Content Analysis of Gambling Live Streams on Twitch

Dimitrios Avramidis (UBC) 

Examining the Gender Publication Gap in Gambling Research and Addiction Science

Eliscia Sinclair (UBC)

Payment Modernization: Beneficial in the Fight Against Gambling-Related Harm or a Cause for Concern?

Kasra Ghaharian (UNLV) 

The Near-Miss in Online Slot Machine Gambling: A Pre-Registered Conceptual Replication

Lucas Palmer (UBC)

Brain Connections

Deirdre Querney & Iris Balodis

(The City of Hamilton’s Alcohol, Drug, & Gambling Services & The Peter Boris Center for Addictions Research)

Problem Gambling and Mental Health Disorders Among Undergraduate Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tiange Xu (UNLV)