Past Conferences

Meet a few of the speakers, watch the presentations, and see what you missed at past New Horizons events.


Keynote speakers:

Tim Miller
Executive Director, UK Gambling Commission

Misha Glouberman
Faculty Director, Ivey Academy at Western University’s Ivey Business School


Keynote speakers:

Lt. Gen. (ret) The Honorable Roméo Dallaire
Canadian Humanitarian

Craig Kielburger
Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the WE Organization


Keynote speakers:

Neil Pasricha
Bestselling Author, and Director at the Institute for Global Happiness

Johann Hari
Bestselling Author and Journalist


Keynote speakers:

Margaret Trudeau
Celebrated Canadian and Mental Health Advocate

Luke Clark
Director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC


Keynote speakers:

Dr. Carl Hart
Author, Associate Professor at Columbia University, New York, USA

Tom Moseman
Senior Vice President, Envirosell, New Paltz, USA


Keynote speakers:

Kristen Berman
Founder, Irrational Labs, San Francisco, USA


Keynote speakers:

Dr. Jeff French
Professor and CEO, Strategic Social Marketing Ltd


Keynote speakers:

John Luff
Founder, Sustainable Marketing, London, England