2016 Speakers

Keynote speakers

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Dr. Carl Hart

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Tom Moseman

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Don Feeney, Keith Whyte

What the public thinks (and why it matters)

Michael Hearne, Paul Pellizzari

Marketing pre-commitment tools: An Ontario case study

Dr. Jon Kelly

20 Years of responsible gambling: What I think I’ve learned

Dr. Richard Wood

Measuring the effectiveness of responsible gambling strategy: Introducing the Positive Play Index (PPI)

Christian Percy

Can ‘Black Box’ responsible gambling algorithms be understood by users? A real world example

Dr. Brett Abarbanel

eSports: The rise of competitive video gaming

Dr. Ingo Fiedler

The convergence of gaming and gambling

Laura Moore

The informed player opportunity

Katie Carlson

Financial literacy for lottery players – Indiana case study

Dr. Katherine Spilde, Keith Whyte, Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, Dr. Debi LaPlante

Exploring public health perspectives on gambling

Dr. David Forrest

Raising the stakes

Dr. Douglas Walker

Should “win limits” or “prize targets” become a part of responsible gambling?

Angela Wiczek, Yasmine Roulleau de La Roussière, Mark Vander Linden

Making responsible gambling work within the industry

Dr. Irwin Cohen, Dr. Amanda McCormick

Findings on the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) Voluntary Self-Exclusion program

Dr. Luke Clark, Dr. Catharine Winstanley, Dr. Eve Limbrick-Oldfield, Nick Richards

UBC Session: Cognitive distortions and responsible gambling messaging