2020 Speakers

Keynote speakers

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Tim Miller

Future-proofing Through Collaboration

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Misha Glouberman

Making Connections for Keeps

All Speakers

The Hon. David Eby, Greg Moore, Tim Miller

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address

Stewart Groumoutis, Joss LeChasseur, Tom Maryschak

The Blockbuster Syndrome: Are You Ready for Industry Disruption?

Ryan Persaud, Dr. Luke Clark, Per Einar Karlsen, Judith Glyn

What exactly are we trying to prevent? A Constructive Conversation on Definition and Measurement of Risk

Michael Waai Duong Koo

Connecting the Dots: Reducing Gambling Stigma and Increasing Support 

Dr. Ray Cho, Dr. Kahlil Philander

Understanding Local Access Impacts: What do We Know About Geography, Community Characteristics, and Risk?

Dr. Luke Clark, Dr. Jonathan Parke, Darren Jang

The Balancing Act: How Should We Look at Product Risk vs. Entertainment

Per Einar Karlsen, Dr. Jamie Wiebe

Do Not Pass Go: A Look at Norway's Monopoly on Player Safety

Tim Miller, Ryan Persaud, Mike Randall, Dr. Jamie Wiebe

Plenary: Future-proofing the Gambling Industry—Where Do We Go From Here?

Mike Randall

Awareness is Not Enough! Integrating Responsible Growth into Our Culture

Janine Robinson

Top Down. Bottom Up. Driving Culture Change Through Responsible Gambling Training

Audio coming soon

Dr. Trudy Smit Quosai

A Nudge in the Right Direction: Applying Behaviour Analytics

Wladimir Jean-Pierre, Dr. Isabelle Martin

Changing the Game on Customer Service: Responsible Commercialization Innovation from Loto-Quebec

Kevin Gass, Mike Randall, Per Einar Karlsen

Is Account-based play the missing link?

Summary and pre-conference papers

Organizational Culture and Responsible Gambling

Dr. Kahlil S. Philander, GP Consulting

Towards the Safer Design and Situation of Games

Dr. Jonathan Parke, Sophro Limited 

Player Safeguards and Prevention

Judith Glynn, Strategic Science

Insights and Priorities from the 2020 New Horizons Conference

BCLC, 2020 Summary Paper