2013 Speakers

Keynote speaker

man with hand on face

John Luff

Integrity is Not Optional

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Thomas Nilsson, Dr. Richard Wood

Treatment Online: Does it Work?

Dr. Michael Wohl

Antecedents of Gambling-Related Craving

Kevin Noel

RG Check

Paul Pellizzari, Sheona Hurd

Data Driven Responsible Gambling

Dr. Mark Griffiths

Technological Trends, Behavioral Tracking, Social Media and Implications for Social Responsibility Tools in Gambling

Michael Stephens, Dr. Robert Ladouceur

Self Exclusion, Responsible Gambling and the Courts

Dr. Bo Bernhard

Responsible Gambling Around the World

Dr. Stephen Madigan

Narrative Therapy Practice

Laura Da Silva, Dr. Richard Wood

Understanding Positive Play

Dr. Jamie Wiebe

What Slot Players Need to Know About Odds and Return to Player