2021 Speakers

Keynote Session

man in suit with glasses

Player Health Reboot: The Power of Foresight in Gambling Innovation

Sanjay Khanna

All Sessions

Session 2A: Gambling Harm – Can we Measure What Matters?

Dr. Anita Patel, Dr. Heather Wardle, Dr. Trudy Smit Quosai

Session 2B: Breaking Through the Sludge – Understanding Human Behaviour

Bing Feng

Session 3A: Future Direction of Cashless Technology – Can RG Catch Up?

Dr. Eve Limbrick Oldfield, Omer Sattar, Trevor Penner, Marshall Berhns 

Session 3B: Beyond the Laboratory – Research During a Global Pandemic

Dr. Luke Clark

Session 4A: Exploring World Views, Perspectives and Approaches

Stephanie Papik, Matty Devenish, Dennis Dion, Lara Ellison, Alfonso Diaz

Session 4B: Marketing with Social Impact

Phillip Haid, Mike Rowlands, Etienne White, Peter ter Weeme

Session 5A: Retail “Investing” – Is a Tsunami of Day Trading Risk Coming?

Dr. Sharon Collard, Dr. Kahlil Philander

Session 5B: Around the World with Positive Play – New Trends & Findings

Dr. Richard Wood

Session 6A: Regulatory Rules of Sports Betting

Brianne Doura-Schawohl, Keith Whyte, Paul Burns, Stewart Groumoutis

Session 6B: Is it Gambling? Breaking Down Esports, Video Games & Social Games

Dr. Brett Abarbanel

Session 7: Compassion 2.0 – Synthesizing Technology & Humanity

Jennifer Gregg, Happie Poonian, Margaret Sigsworth, Martin Lampman

Pre-Conference Sessions

Banking on a Different Perspective: The Financial Industry’s Role in Safer Gambling

Kim Steinbart, Simon McNair, Natalie Ledward

Offense or Defense: What’s the RG Game Plan in the Sports Betting Playbook?

Jamie Wiebe, Chris Grove, Stewart Groumoutis, Christine Thurmond