2017 Speakers

Keynote speakers

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Margaret Trudeau

Changing My Mind

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Luke Clark

Deconstructing the Modern Slot Machine: Psychological Ingredients and Personal Vulnerabilities

All Speakers

Dr. Daniel Brown, Melissa Sleightholm, Dr. Kevin Harrigan

Classification of Slot Machines in Ontario: Providing Relevant Information to Players

Dr. Sally Gainsbury

Who ‘Likes’ Gambling? The Impact of Social Media Marketing

Dr. John Carsley, Sandy Garossino, Paul Pellizzari

Casinos in Local Communities: Experiences and Outcomes 

Dr. Tim Fong

The Quality of Quantity - Behavioural Indicators of Risky Online Gambling

Dr. Tilman Lesch

The Quality of Quantity - Behavioural Indicators of Risky Online Gambling

Ryan Persaud

Integrating Insights: Responsible Gambling Research Shares a Different Perspective of Players

Hyoun S. (Andrew) Kim

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Casino Gambling

Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky

Fantasy Sports Wagering: Should We Be Concerned?

Janine Robinson, Stacy Shaw

Creating a Business Case for Responsible Gambling Training

Alan Feldman, Jim Lightbody, Laura Piva-Babcock

View from the Top: Leadership Perspectives on Responsible Gambling

Paul Smith, Dr. Jamie Wiebe

Influencing Players on the Casino Floor

Jennifer Roberts

Responsible Gambling in the Technology World

Dr. Debi LaPlante

Evaluating Responsible Gambling Programs in Emerging Gambling Markets

Lindsay Richardson

Supporting Gaming Workers: Research Insights and Program Outcomes