Call for Speakers

Over the many years, the New Horizons in Safer Gambling Conference has welcomed impressive speakers who inspire continued progress in gambling, healthier approaches to gambling, and new ways to address gambling. 

Hundreds of industry professionals converge on the conference each year, making it an incredible platform to ignite thought leadership. The ideas shared by our speakers have the potential to truly make an impact in the industry. 

If you want to inspire and generate ideas among a diverse audience of researchers, industry representatives, and prevention or treatment specialists - we want to hear from you!

At New Horizons this year, we will explore these four focus areas. If you would like to present or take part in a panel at the conference program, complete a speaker proposal application by May 31, 2024.


  • How do we market player health as a competitive advantage?  
  • How do we incentivize safer play amongst players and operators?
  • How do you minimize the risk of targeting players who are likely high risk? 
  • Do we understand what players need to successfully engage in safer play?


  • How do we engage with players early in their journey to educate and support safer play? 
  • How do we leverage AI and behavioural analytics tools to nudge players to safer play?  
  • One size does not fit all – how to address player health issues from specific communities? 
  • How can we personalize player health?  


  • Keeping the play safe.  How can game design impact safer play?  
  • Sustainable play for single event sports betting  
  • Gamifying tools – how to make safer gambling tools parts of the player experience? 


  • How do we determine when and how to interact with players to ensure a positive player experience that enables safer play?  
  • How do we overcome the barriers and challenges to effectively support players? 
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when implementing strategic supports?  
  • How do we support players at multiple points in their player journey?