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2015 Keynote Speakers



Kristen Berman - Founder, Irrational Labs, San Francisco, USA

The Behavioural Science Behind Addictions and Proposals for Prevention

Behavioral economics is the study of why we do the things we do. By understanding the cognitive biases that rule our minds while in a casino we will all be better equipped to have a conversation about prevention strategies.

Some describe gamblers as living for today at the expense of tomorrow. Ms. Berman will discuss why this is and what's fuelling the addiction – is it hyperbolic discounting, loss aversion, variable rewards, regret lotteries, win/loss sequencing or other reasons? More importantly, given that we understand the gambler's mindset, how can we prevent a potential addiction or stop a current one? Additionally, how can we design a system that addresses the mindset of potential addictive gamblers and current addictive gamblers?

Attendees will gain a better understanding of why casinos are so addicting and come away with broad themes for addressing addiction and very tangible prevention proposals.


2015 Speakers 


JP Girard, Sara Marchese

The Gaming Industry: A Strategic Plan for Mitigating Gambling-Related Harm & Enhancing Employee and Workplace Wellness (slide presentation)


Natalia Matulewicz

Creating User Personas to give a Human Face to Big Data (listen to podcast) (slide presentation)


David Excell, Heather Wardle

Identifying Harm Among Machine Players: Findings From a Multicomponent Research Study (listen to podcast) (slide presentation)


Dr. Sally Gainsbury

Overcoming the Stigma of Problem Gambling (listen to podcast) (slide presentation)
Time to Get Off the Couch?  Alternative Treatments for Problem Gambling (listen to podcast) (slide presentation)


Paul Pellizzari, Stanley Sadinsky, Keith Whyte, Jennifer Keim

The Great Debate, Be it Resolved: “That gambling providers should do more to prevent problem gambling.” (watch the video)


Don Feeney

Gambling and the Millennial Generation (listen to podcast) (slide presentation)


Dr. Michael Wohl

Advances in Motivating Change Among Disordered Gamblers: Why and How Memories of the Past-Self Can Facilitate Motivation to Engage in Behavioural Change (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Irwin Cohen

Voluntary Self-Exclusion: BCLC Longitudinal Study (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Bo Bernhard, Dr. Kahlil Philander

From Untegrated to Integrated to Outgrated : Gaming's Social Impacts in a Changing Business Model (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Richard Wood

Stories of Hope: How Personal Accounts of Recovery can Inform Responsible Gambling Strategy (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Jessalynn Strauss

Cracking the Social Media Code: Creating a Responsible Communication Strategy (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Chuck Keeling

Integration and Importance of Responsible Gaming Practices and Culture at the Casino Service Provider Level (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Ken Winters

SBIRT to Address Problem Gambling (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Alfonso Fernandez

ControlGam - An Innovative Virtual Therapy System to Help Problem Gamblers Play Responsibly (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Judith Glynn, Richard Lennon

Integration of Responsible Advertising Standards for Gambling and Alcohol (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Alex Blaszczynski

Breaks in Play – An Irresponsible Strategy? (listen to the podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Terri-Lynn MacKay, Dr. Lisa Petermann

Knowledge Translation in Gambling Research: A Public Health Approach (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Dr. Kahlil Philander

Customized Responsible Gambling Messaging: Design & Outcomes (listen to podcast) (view slideshow)


Amanda McCormick, Dr. Luke Clark, Dr. Irwin Cohen

UBC Study Player Behaviour and Awareness of Responsible Gambling (watch video)

Peter Filice, Janine Robinson

Raising the Bar on RG Training: From Awareness to Recognition and Response