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New Horizons

Connecting industry-leading experts, specialists, and researchers from around the world.

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What is New Horizons in Responsible Gambling?

Since 2013, BCLC has been proud to host the New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference in Vancouver, B.C. This annual event brings together leaders and industry experts from the responsible and problem gambling community, as well as a range of researchers, industry representatives, and treatment and prevention specialists.

Every year, BCLC hosts this landmark event along with industry-leading researchers, policy makers and representatives from around the world. Sessions, presentations and panel discussions focus on developments, innovations, and best practices for player health and responsible gambling.

As a major player in the regulated gambling industry, BCLC recognizes and values the importance of offering world-class entertainment with the highest level of social responsibility. The New Horizons conference helps advance the knowledge and support for responsible gambling and player health everywhere. Thanks to the information and conversations shared over the years at this event, BCLC and conference attendees have grown and strengthened their responsible gambling, prevention and support programs.

Key focuses of 2020

The 2020 conference offered a brand new experience for delegates with the theme “Future-proofing the Gambling Industry.” Leading experts and attendees discussed three key areas that the industry faces today:

Promoting safer play behaviours/decreasing risky play

Reducing harms associated with gambling products and/or environments

Developing a culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of consumers

To support the discussions, three leading experts were asked to compile go-to reference papers that put all the evidence in one place: what’s working, what’s not, and what we need to know more about.

Read the pre-conference and 2020 summary papers below:

Organizational Culture and Responsible Gambling

Dr. Kahlil S. Philander, GP Consulting

Towards the Safer Design and Situation of Games

Dr. Jonathan Parke, Sophro Limited 

Player Safeguards and Prevention

Judith Glynn, Strategic Science

Insights and Priorities from the 2020 New Horizons Conference

BCLC, 2020 Summary Paper


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