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Save the Date for our 10th year of New Horizons: March 9-10, 2022

We’re going virtual again. Join us as we celebrate 10 years of industry leadership. Stay tuned for details about our free pre-conference sessions, programming, key speakers and more.

Ten Years of Industry Leadership

Since 2013, BCLC has proudly hosted this annual event to enable opportunities for researchers, industry representatives, policy makers, as well as treatment and prevention professionals, to drive critical conversations that advance knowledge about and support for player health. The 2022 conference will be our 10th year of connecting and driving these important conversations forward.

2021 Conference Theme: Player Health Reboot

While the world has faced large-scale public-health and community changes and challenges over the past year due the global pandemic, the dedication and commitment of the player health community has remained strong. We looked at rebooting that commitment and resetting the future at the ninth annual New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference.

Globally, we are all on a course of restoration in search of resilience and new strategies to respond to present and future challenges. At the virtual 2021 New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference, we focused on “Player Health Reboot”, a theme aimed to help level set what we know and to enhance our tools, settings and programs to work better for us now and into the future.

The 2021 conference featured presentations, in-depth discussions and stimulating dialogue on topics including:

  • Sports betting and lessons learned
  • Examining the future of cashless technologies
  • Applying behavioural science to drive positive change
  • Day-trading and emerging risks
  • Renewed approaches to effective player support services

2021 Conference Highlights

Keynote Address

Player-Health Reboot: The Power of Foresight in Gambling Innovation

With its wide-ranging effects on individuals, communities and societies worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies the “converging crises” era that we are living through. How will gambling and players be shaped by this experience?

Setting the stage for two days of virtual dialogue, Futurist Sanjay Khanna, an expert in strategic foresight, shared insights on global change and its implications for cultures of play and innovation in a post-pandemic era. This opening keynote highlighted the need to explore plausible scenarios within which play may occur while inspiring conference participants to reboot player health by harnessing an ethos of responsible gambling and breakthrough innovation.

Speaker: Sanjay Khanna, Futurist and Strategic Advisor


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