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New Horizons brings together experts from around the world to discuss how we can leverage technology, innovation and research across the gambling industry as a means of reducing harm and keeping players healthy.

Mental Health: Reducing Stigma
Neil Pasricha, bestselling author

This short clip of Neil Pasricha during his keynote presentation discusses how our outlook on life impacts our experiences. Neil draws on the research and his personal experience when he wrote the Book of Awesome series.

Rethinking addiction 
Johann Hari, bestselling author

In his latest book Rethinking Addiction: Social Recovery in the Age of Loneliness Hari investigates the countries that have witnessed incredible success by accepting these findings: plummeting rates of drug use, addiction, violent crime, overdoses, and more. And he issues a call to treat the addicts in our lives much differently, changing both our politics and our hearts.

Watch behind the scenes interview following Johann Hari's keynote.

First Nations perspectives
Dr. Cornelia Weiman MD, FRCPC

Explore the leading issues affecting First Nations Peoples. In this session, Cornelia Weiman reviews current treatment and prevention issues and discusses the role of cultural safety and understanding when working with at-risk communities. This presentation includes a moderated Q&A session highlighting the implications of responsible gambling programs.

Challenges with applying research
Monica Bohm, Alan Feldman, Bev Mehmel

The transition from knowledge to application isn't always straightforward. When responsible gambling research provides recommendations to better support and protect players, this session reviews the barriers that prevent the gambling industry from implementing the recommendations. This session explores the disconnect that can occur between research and application, using examples from the field.

RG Culture: What is it and how do we get it?
Rick Hutchins, Chuck Keeling, Mark Vander Linden

Creating a positive player experience is at the core of the casino business. How does RG fit in? It is more than having an RG program, and includes embedding RG into the overall corporate culture and values. This session explores strategies to help shift the focus of RG from compliance to culture, and the positive impact this has on the customer service experience.

What does Responsible Gambling look like?

Jon Kelly

We live in an era where the primary driver of 'responsible gambling' is compliance. Yet there is ample evidence that the model is rapidly becoming outdated. This session examines the changing world of RG and asks what leadership looks like in a post-compliance era.

Players playing smarter

Sonja Mandic, Tracy Parker, Mark Vander Linden

This session discusses the valuable learnings from various play management tools and explores the partnerships and varied perspectives between different stakeholders and the role they play in implementing a new successful tool.

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