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Dr. Jamie Wiebe | 2017 Speakers



Research and Development Responsible Gambling Council

Jamie Wiebe, PhD is the Director of Research and Development at the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC). She has nearly twenty years of direct research experience in the area of problem and responsible gambling research. In her role as Director, Jamie provides strategic direction, guides the design, analysis and interpretation of research projects and is responsible for content development of social marketing campaigns and prevention materials. Jamie oversees a wide variety of initiatives designed to identify and adopt best practices to reduce the incidence of problem gambling including developing independent responsible gambling standards for gaming venues, the Internet and lotteries; conducting an annual Insight project that brings together problem gambling specialists, gaming providers, researchers and gamblers to examine key responsible gambling issues in detail, and conducting commissioned research and evaluation of prevention programs for organizations in Canada, and beyond. In addition to her role as Director of Research and Development, in 2016 the RGC launched RG+, a research and development company where Jamie is the Managing Director.

Jamie has held several research positions at organizations across the country, including the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

 Influencing Players on the Casino Floor

While there is no singular consensus on what responsible gambling is, the concept can generally be described as actions taken to help mitigate risks associated with problematic gambling, or alternatively, promote safer play. Within this catch-all concept, several tools, strategies and content have emerged to advance this overall intent. Among the most important issues surrounding responsible gambling are the ways (i.e., tools, strategies and approaches) in which the content of this concept is communicated to gamblers of all kinds (from low-risk to high-risk) and how these cohorts are influenced to behave more safely.

This topic will be the focus of a presentation led by Dr. Jamie Wiebe (Responsible Gambling Council), introducing impactful ways to promote safer gambling behaviours by exploring what we know about how best to influence people, and a subsequent workshop led by Paul Smith (Sustainable Gaming), helping participants translate this insight into an action plan that can be brought back to their organizations.

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