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Dr. Richard Wood | 2015 Speakers

President, GamRes Limited

 Montreal, Canada

Dr. Richard Wood is a psychologist who specialises in the study of gambling behaviour. He is the president of GamRes Limited, an international research and consultancy company that develops and evaluates responsible gambling initiatives.

Dr. Wood has published numerous gambling related articles, presented at conferences around the world and undertaken responsible gambling consultations and research projects. He has developed cutting edge responsible gambling tools such as GAM-GaRD, an online tool that informs the development of socially responsible game design, as well as, a free online support group for people with gambling-related issues.



Stories of Hope: How Personal Accounts of Recovery can Inform Responsible Gambling Strategy

Personal insight provides practical applications for improving responsible gambling strategies.

This session will present an analysis of 20 detailed personal stories from those that have experienced recovery from a gambling problem, as posted on the online support service The findings will drive discussion on issues such as the initial development of the problem, motivations to change and factors instrumental in overcoming the gambling problem. These issues will then be discussed in terms of how responsible gambling strategy might best assist vulnerable players by preventing problems from developing, assisting players in understanding how a problem can develop, and in supporting them to get further help when necessary.

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