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Richard Lennon | 2015 Speakers


    Manager, Social Responsibility
   Research, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

   Winnipeg, Canada

Mr. Richard Lennon is manager of social responsibility research at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, a role that includes managing internal research projects. He oversees the Manitoba Gambling Research Program, a grant program for academic researchers, as well as the development, funding and evaluation of internal and external programs.

Mr. Lennon joined Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries in 2012 as market research vice-president, where he applied his expertise as a project manager, statistical analyst and business presenter. Mr. Lennon also recently retired as chair of the Board of Governors of Red River College, Manitoba’s largest applied learning institute.

Mr. Lennon holds a master of arts in political science from York University and a BA in geography from the University of Winnipeg. His academic background includes study of urban planning, economics, statistics and demography. Mr. Lennon has earned numerous academic awards including two gold medals from the University of Winnipeg.

Integration of Responsible Advertising Standards for Gambling and Alcohol

Co-Presented with Ms. Judith Glynn

Manitoba is combining liquor and gambling activities under a single operator and single separate regulator, and adopting the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards for both.

Social responsibility advertising standards for gambling are less mature than those for alcohol.  This gap was addressed by: i) literature review of key risk factors to be mitigated through advertising standards; ii) analysis of regulatory codes from jurisdictions in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada (seven for alcohol, nine for gambling); and iii) development of a comprehensive set of advertising themes (twenty-seven for alcohol, and twenty-five for gambling) addressing both content and placement of advertising. Key gambling advertising themes speak to informed consent, social pressure, risk factors specific to problem gambling, and responsible gambling messaging

The development of integrated advertising standards for alcohol and gambling was explored to identify both common and exclusive risk factors. Emerging issues will be discussed including concurrent advertising of the two products, strategies to protect children, and gaps in research to inform policy.

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A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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