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Natalia Matulewicz | 2015 Speakers


   Head of User Experience, Playscan

   Goteborg, Sweden

Ms. Natalia Matulewicz is the head of user experience at Playscan, the company behind the renowned Playscan system.

Ms. Matulewicz has a M.Sc. in information technology, M.Sc. in mobile services and has ten years of experience in digital product design, including mobile services and advertisement platforms. Ms. Matulewicz is passionate about great design, user focus and impact driven development. At Playscan, she has championed the recent focus to maximize the impact of prevention though risk classification, both in terms of making it accessible to the players and by inspiring and empowering responsible gaming operations staff.

Twitter @jag_natalia

Creating User Personas to give a Human Face to Big Data

What do you know about your online player? With anonymous players, customer data is an important factor when making strategic business decisions with limited information. However, big data often becomes a faceless collection of information, rather than a true picture of the players’ wants and needs. One still needs to know how to interpret data and how to combine it with other sources of information.

User Personas brings together big data with qualitative user research such as interviews, field studies and observations to gain an overall picture of a user, their needs, goals and motivation. It also fills the gap between what players claim to act upon compared to their measured actions, which in the context of gambling often differs. Combined with big data, User Personas give the answers to three important questions: what are the main target groups, which target groups should be focused on to make the most impact, and how should communications be designed towards those target groups?

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A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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