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Kristen Berman | 2015 Speakers

   Keynote Speaker

    Founder, Irrational Labs

    San Francisco, USA

Kristen Berman founded Irrational Labs with leading behavioural economist and best-selling author, Dan Ariely, in 2013 to help companies understand and leverage behavioural economics – how and why people make the decisions they do.

Ms. Berman leads the behavioural economics group at Google and hosts StarupOnomics, one of the top behavioural change conferences globally. Ms. Berman just released a series of workbooks, Hacking Human Nature for Good: A Practical Guide to Changing Behaviour, co-authored with Dr. Dan Ariely and Jason Hreha. These workbooks are being used at companies like Google, Intuit, Netflix and Fidelity for business strategy and design work. She is also an advisor for Loop Commerce, Code For America Accelerator and the Genr8tor Incubator.

The Behavioural Science Behind Addictions and Proposals for Prevention

Behavioral economics is the study of why we do the things we do. By understanding the cognitive biases that rule our minds while in a casino we will all be better equipped to have a conversation about prevention strategies.

Some describe gamblers as living for today at the expense of tomorrow. Ms. Berman will discuss why this is and what's fuelling the addiction – is it hyperbolic discounting, loss aversion, variable rewards, regret lotteries, win/loss sequencing or other reasons? More importantly, given that we understand the gambler's mindset, how can we prevent a potential addiction or stop a current one? Additionally, how can we design a system that addresses the mindset of potential addictive gamblers and current addictive gamblers?

Attendees will gain a better understanding of why casinos are so addicting and come away with broad themes for addressing addiction and very tangible prevention proposals.


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