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Dr. Jessalynn Strauss | 2015 Speakers


   Assistant Professor, Elon University

   Elon, USA

Dr. Jessalynn Strauss teaches courses on strategic writing, public relations and social responsibility at Elon University in North Carolina, USA. Her research addresses the intersection of the gaming industry and the field of strategic communication with a focus on corporate social responsibility. Her book, Challenging Corporate Social Responsibility: Lessons for Public Relations from the Gaming Industry, will be published next year.

Dr. Strauss was chosen as a research fellow by the University of Nevada Center for Gaming Research. Her research on early public relations in Las Vegas was published in the journal Public Relations Review and translated into Chinese for publication in the Journal of Gaming, Tourism, and Leisure Research, published by the Macao Polytechnic Institute.

Dr. Strauss also conducts research on the use of new media technologies, including social media, by the gaming industry for marketing and public relations purposes.

Cracking the Social Media Code: Creating a Responsible Communication Strategy

Social media has become a popular medium for casinos and lotteries to communicate with potential customers due to the increased frequency of contact and ability to provide valuable information on offers and promotions.

This presentation will provide guidance on effective use of social media with a particular focus on ensuring ethical communication in promoting responsible gambling behaviours. It will draw from both academic and industry research on social media strategy and will highlight the ethical implications of social media use by casinos and other gaming facilities. This session will also introduce attendees to concepts in social media content development and planning that can be engaged in order to make their social media communication effective as well as ethical.

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