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Dr. Irwin Cohen | 2015 Speakers


    Senior Researcher, University of the
    Fraser Valley, RCMP Crime Reduction

    Abbotsford, Canada

Dr. Irwin M. Cohen is the senior researcher at RCMP Crime Reduction within the University of the Fraser Valley. Dr. Cohen has published many scholarly articles and book chapters, delivered many lectures, conference papers and workshops. He’s written policy reports on a wide range of topics including policing issues, gaming and gambling, restorative justice, serious and violent young offenders, Aboriginal victimization issues, and terrorism. Dr. Cohen has been the co-principle investigator on dozens of research projects on a wide range of policing, youth, gaming, public policy, and Aboriginal issues. For his research on binge drinking, Dr. Cohen received the 2007 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Citizens of Distinction Award for Research Prevention/Education.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion: BCLC Longitudinal Study

Dr. Cohen’s presentation will discuss the preliminary results of a longitudinal study of participants within the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion Project. The data presented will focus on the social and gambling profiles of the participants, their enrolment experiences, their reasons for enrolling in the program, their gambling severity and their initial successes and challenges in the program. This will be the first time this data is to be presented to an audience, which will detail the experiences of the 300 participants in the program.

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The UBC Session

Player Behaviour and Awareness of Responsible Gambling

In an alternative format, audio recordings from focus groups of regular gamblers will be used to present the player’s perspective on responsible gambling. This will stimulate discussion on whose responsibility is responsible gambling, how much intervention should be expected or is wanted, and when and how gamblers deviate from responsible play.


A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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