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Dr. Bo Bernhard | 2015 Speakers

  Executive Director, International           Gaming Institute

   Las Vegas, USA

Dr. Bo Bernhard is an honours graduate of Harvard University, where he majored in Sociology and Psychology. Dr. Bernhard’s thesis on the impacts of the gaming industry on Las Vegas received magna cum laude honours from both departments. This led him to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he developed award-winning work on gambling and society.

Dr. Bernhard’s research has incorporated virtually every social-scientific methodology: from classic experimental design to qualitative ethnographic research, and from biological research to macro-economic work. His publications have been featured in prestigious business and social science journals, having emphasized an evaluation of gambling’s social costs and benefits from a perspective that blends macro insights from sociology with the micro and clinical applications of biology and psychology. This approach has influenced academics and policymakers, as he has been invited to keynote at over 100 conferences world-wide.

From Untegrated to Integrated to Outegrated: Gaming's Social Impacts in a Changing Business Model

An industry that once focused on "gaming only" venues has evolved to emphasize an "integrated-resort" model, where many non-gaming amenities become part of the overall consumer experience. Today, the model continues to change. In a shift from walls-inward to walls-outward, the surrounding community has increasingly become part of the gaming business model. In this session, Dr. Bernhard and Dr. Philander will summarize gaming research's findings related to four key social impacts (crime, problem gambling, local business, and employment), and discuss how changing business models are changing how we should interpret these impacts. 

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The UBC Session

Player Behaviour and Awareness of Responsible Gambling

In an alternative format, audio recordings from focus groups of regular gamblers will be used to present the player’s perspective on responsible gambling. This will stimulate discussion on whose responsibility is responsible gambling, how much intervention should be expected or is wanted, and when and how gamblers deviate from responsible play.


A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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