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Alfonso Fernandez | 2015 Speakers


    CEO and founder, AMS Media

    Monterrey, Mexico

Mr. Alfonso Fernandez is founder and CEO of AMS Media, a Mexican videogame company whose mission is to provide health benefits while entertaining. He holds a master´s degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from Tecnologico de Monterrey. He has over 30 years’ experience in e-Learning, videogames and interactive multimedia.

In 2010 Mr. Fernandez started ControlGam, an innovative virtual therapy system that helps problem gamblers play responsibly. Mr. Fernandez has also designed alternative digital games to aid assessment of ADHD, as well as the mental anxiety and pain suffered by cancer patients.

In 2012, Mr. Fernandez successfully organized an International Symposium of Responsible Gambling in Monterrey, Mexico. 

ControlGam - An Innovative Virtual Therapy System to Help Problem Gamblers Play Responsibly

ControlGam is a computer-based therapy tool that makes problem gambling therapy more accessible and affordable through gamification. ControlGam combines video games with virtual cognitive therapy, e-learning and biofeedback to help low to moderate-risk gamblers rehabilitate and avoid risky gambling behaviour. The concept arose from a multi-national research project led by the University of Barcelona and published by the Journal of Mental Health on August 2012, entitled “Video games as a complementary therapy tool in mental disorders: PlayMancer, a European multi-centre study”.

Their solution promotes responsible gambling in a series of weekly sessions. It has three parts: 1) virtual therapy, which guides gamblers through their own journeys toward recovery through cognitive-behavioral therapy; 2) video games, which along with a biofeedback sensor, help people relax and learn to control their impulses; and 3) a psycho-educational component that informs gamblers and their families about what constitutes problem gambling and how to play responsibly.

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