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Dr. Jessalynn Strauss | 2014 Speakers

Assistant Professor, Elon University

Elon, USA

Dr. Jessalynn Strauss teaches courses on strategic writing, public relations, and social responsibility at Elon University in North Carolina. Her research addresses the intersection of the gaming industry and the field of strategic communication with a focus on corporate social responsibility. Her book Challenging Corporate Social Responsibility: Lessons for Public Relations from the Gaming Industry will be published by Routledge in 2014.

In 2012, Dr. Strauss was chosen as a research fellow by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Center for Gaming Research and presented her archival research on early public relations at the University’s Special Collections Library. This research was later presented at an international public relations history conference in Bournemouth, England and was published in the journal Public Relations Review.

Dr. Strauss also conducts research on the use of new media technologies, including social media, by the gaming industry for marketing and public relations purposes.

Exceeding Expectations: Social Responsibility in Gaming

Social responsibility is often considered and discussed as a strategic communication tool, or as a business move that can promote a positive return on investment. Corporations often talk about “social responsibility” as a way to advance a positive reputation and encourage purchase decisions by consumers who prefer to give their business to “responsible” companies. So what does social responsibility mean in the context of the gaming industry?

Drawing from the vast body of literature on corporate social responsibility, this presentation looks at elements of responsibility outside the realm of responsible gaming, including environmental sustainability, community and non-profit support, labour relations, and corporate governance. It also suggests that social responsibility on the part of gaming interests is an ethical and moral obligation of those parties to meet the expectations of society.

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