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Dr. Jeff French | 2014 Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Professor and CEO, Strategic Social Marketing Ltd

Liphook, England

Dr. Jeff French is a global leader in social marketing and social program planning and evaluation. A professor at Brighton University and a fellow at Kings College London University, Dr. French has published over 90 papers and two books, with his third book Strategic Social Marketing being published in 2014. He was previously the director of policy and communication at the Health Development Agency and, in 2005 he led the United Kingdom Government’s review of social marketing and set up the National Social Marketing Centre in 2006. In 2009, Dr. French became the CEO of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd., a company that works all over the world with private, NGO and government organizations on the development and evaluation of social programs that aim to influence behaviour.

Dr. French is a member of several national and international policy committees and is a member of the editorial board of four professional journals. He organizes the World Social Marketing Conference and is a member of the International Social Marketing Association Executive and the European Social Marketing Association Board.

Dr. French has worked on behaviour change and social policy programs in over 25 countries.


How to Design and Deliver Social Programs that
Influence Behaviour

Using illustrated examples from many fields of social behavioural influences around the world, this presentation will review why contemporary social programs aimed at influencing pro-social behaviour need to be delivered in a more sophisticated way than in the past. It will explore what we know about how to influence behaviour and how people make decisions derived from fields including social psychology, behavioural economics, sociology and anthropology.

Dr. French will introduce and explain the key concepts of systematic social marketing planning and what is known about effective and efficient social program design, delivery and evaluation. This presentation will also explore the implications for developing effective programs for minimizing harm and protecting those with potential gambling problems, and will conclude with some tips for avoiding ineffective and inefficient behavioural change programs.




A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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