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Dr. Claudia Steinke | 2014 Speakers

Assistant Professor, University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge, Canada

Dr. Claudia Steinke works as an assistant professor within the faculties of management and health sciences at the University of Lethbridge, and also works as an emergency nurse. Dr. Steinke is an active researcher and has consulted and taught for a number of private and public organizations throughout Western Canada. Her main research and teaching interests are in the areas of organizational theory and design, architecture, service management, health care and more recently gambling. Much of her work focuses on the physical design of hospitals and casinos – looking at how the design of these facilities influences and impacts not only the behaviour and well-being of the people that work in and/or visit these facilities but also the process of service delivery and bottom line.

Dr. Steinke has a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of British Columbia and a doctorate in business and public administration from the University of Victoria

The Psychological and Behavioural Impacts
of Casino Design

There is considerable worldwide uniformity in how casinos are designed (low ambient lighting punctuated by the bright colourful lights of densely packed electronic gambling machines (EGMs), constant background noise of EGMs, maze-like interiors with short sight-lines, lack of windows). Surprisingly, and despite huge investment made by casinos on their physical structures, little is known about the psychological and behavioural impacts of these design elements on gambling behaviour.

The purpose of this presentation is to rectify this situation by presenting the findings from our (Steinke & Williams, 2012) recent comprehensive review of the academic and industry literature on the scientific evidence that currently exists concerning the psychological and behavioural impacts of casino design. The ultimate goal of this presentation is to inform attendees of certain evidence based design principles that can be used to sculpt the space within the casino environment to better meet the needs of casinos and the people they serve.

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