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Andreas Holmström | 2014 Speakers

Player Behaviour Panellist

CEO, Playscan

Gothenburg, Sweden

Mr. Andreas Holmström is currently the CEO of Playscan and co-founder of ICU Intelligence AB, the company behind the first Playscan™ system developed in 2007. Since completing his MSc in computer science and MSc in innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr. Holmström has strived to enable gambling companies to raise the bar when it comes to corporate social responsibility and to take their business to the next level. He also works to raise awareness about responsible gambling tools by highlighting the potential current technology offers and how it can be used. Playscan is a tool developed to help the player gamble responsibly and to help the gambling operator increase their efforts in social responsibility, harm minimization and player protection

Player Behaviour Panel Presentation: What Have We Learned from “Big Data” in Responsible Gaming? Does it Change the Way We Play?

In online and card-based gambling, every player’s behaviour can be tracked precisely and marketing departments use this wealth of information to increase player insight. Numerous scientists have pointed out the importance of behavioural tracking as a means of early risk-detection and harm minimization.

In this session, three well-known software vendors – PlayScan, Bet Buddy and neccton – will discuss how behavioural tracking tools have been successfully applied and will share their experiences with these approaches.

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