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Dr. Richard Wood | 2013 Speakers

Director, GamRes Limited

Montreal, Canada

Treatment Online: Does it Work?

Dr. Richard Wood discusses his experience with GamTalk,an online forum for problem gamblers.

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Understanding Positive Play

Co-presented with Laura Da Silva

There is a lack of research concerning players’ every-day positive and responsible gambling practices. Such investigations can help inform and define practical, responsible play strategies. Given that responsible gambling is often viewed as aimed at people with problems, placing emphasis on healthy, enjoyable playing strategies should resonate well with players. By contrasting positive gambling experiences with problematic gambling, we also gain insight into how problems might be better prevented.

This presentation will discuss a new study that encompassed a series of interviews with regular, non-problematic players, followed by a large-scale player survey. The aim was to investigate and define the different ways that players engage in ‘normal’ play, what motivates such play and what makes for an enjoyable long-term play experience. The presentation will also discuss how Camelot utilises such research to implement tangible programs and ensure responsible growth.

Dr. Richard Wood is a chartered psychologist specialising in the study of gambling behaviour. He is the director of GamRes Limited, an independent international research and consultancy company that develops and implements responsible gambling initiatives by putting research into practice. Prior to starting GamRes, Dr. Wood co-founded the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University in the U.K. and worked for the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviours at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Dr. Wood has published numerous gambling related articles, presented his findings at conferences and seminars around the world and undertaken many gambling consultations and research projects for a wide variety of stakeholders. His research investigates both the individual causes of problem gambling as well as the structural characteristics of games that can influence the gambling behaviour of vulnerable players. He has developed cutting edge responsible gambling tools such as GAM-GaRD, an innovative guide that informs the development of socially responsible game design, and GamTalk, a free online support group for people with all levels of gambling related issues.


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