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Speakers | 2013

Topics discussed at the 2013 New Horizon’s in Responsible Gambling took a technological bend, with a considerable focus on technology trends, tools and the overarching impact on the gambling industry.

Specifically, 2013 speaker presentations covered the following:

  • Data driven responsible gambling
  • Success of online treatment
  • Technological trends, behavioural tracking, social media, and implications for socially responsible tools in gambling
  • A global scan of responsible gambling around the world

Don Feeney compares how gambling is perceived differently in the US versus Canada.

Don Feeney discusses whether the marketing of "Gambling as Entertainment" helped to overcome some of the stigma associated with gambling.

Don Feeney gives his perspective on how the image of gambling has changed over the years.

John Luff compares sustainability against other product values.

John Luff answers the question "Do consumers really care about the sustainability practices of companies?"


A welcome message from BCLC's President & CEO

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