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Dr. Michael Wohl | 2013 Speakers

Associate Professor, Carleton University

Ottawa, Canada

Antecedents of Gambling-Related Craving

Craving has long been postulated as a central feature of addictions (Drummond, 2001). In this talk, craving to gamble will be discussed as a multi-dimensional construct (consisting of anticipation, desire and relief) that impacts the progression and maintenance of gambling behaviour.

Results from a number of research projects will be presented that show how craving — both assessed and manipulated — reliably predicts persistence at play in the face of continued loss.

Dr. Michael Wohl is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University. The majority of Dr. Wohl’s work has focused on erroneous cognitions (including perceptions of luck as a personal possession), stress and coping responses, and craving as predictors of continued gambling behaviour. This work is conducted with an eye toward the facilitation of responsible gambling through, among other things, education-based responsible gambling initiatives, pre–commitment (time and monetary limit) strategies and persuasive technologies.

Dr. Wohl has published over 50 peer–reviewed papers, is the Associate Editor of Basic and Applied Social Psychology and is on the editorial board of three other academic journals. He is the recipient of Carleton University’s Research Achievement Award as well as Carleton University Students’ Association Teaching Excellence Award. In 2009, Dr. Wohl received an award from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation to build a state–of–the–art Casino Laboratory. The Carleton University Gambling Lab contains card tables, slot machines and an interactive virtual reality casino.


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