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Laura Da Silva | 2013 Speakers

Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Camelot

London, England

Understanding Positive Play

Co–presented with Dr. Richard Wood

There is a lack of research concerning players’ every–day positive and responsible gambling practices. Such investigations can help inform and define practical, responsible play strategies. Given that responsible gambling is often viewed as aimed at people with problems, placing emphasis on healthy, enjoyable playing strategies should resonate well with players. By contrasting positive gambling experiences with problematic gambling, we also gain insight into how problems might be better prevented.

This presentation will discuss a new study that encompassed a series of interviews with regular, non–problematic players, followed by a large–scale player survey. The aim was to investigate and define the different ways that players engage in ‘normal’ play, what motivates such play and what makes for an enjoyable long–term play experience. The presentation will also discuss how Camelot utilises such research to implement tangible programs and ensure responsible growth.

As Corporate Responsibility Manager for Camelot, the UK–based lottery operator, Miss Laura Da Silva has specialised in consumer protection and has been involved with international experts and working groups on shaping the discussions and actions with regards to responsibility in the gaming industry. In September 2012, Camelot won the World Lottery Association 2012 Responsible Gaming Award in recognition of its leadership in Responsible Gaming including Stakeholder Engagement, Game Design and Research.

She is passionate about going beyond responsible gaming by looking at how the industry can benefit communities and manage its environmental impact, while gaining its license to operate and grow.

Having worked with C–level executives in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Scandinavia and France, Miss Da Silva has a good understanding of the impact of local culture on corporate strategy.

She has a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Panthéon–Sorbonne, Paris.


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