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Dr. Jamie Wiebe | 2013 Speakers

Director, Responsible Gambling Council

Toronto, Canada

What Slot Players Need to Know About Odds and Return to Player

In gambling, there are two particular kings of statistics that are relevant to a player’s experience — odds of winning and return to player. It is important to communicate this information to players in order to promote informed play. Providing it, however, in a comprehensible and useful manner to players is not a simple matter because these concepts can be hard to understand or easily misunderstood.

This presentation will look at the best approach for communicating this information to players based on findings from a two–phased research project with a sample of slot players. The results have important implications for the ways in which information about how games work is best communicated.

As Director of the Responsible Gambling Council’s Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices, Dr. Jamie Wiebe oversees a wide variety of initiatives designed to identify and adopt best practices to reduce the incidence of problem gambling. Some of these initiatives include developing independent responsible gambling standards for gaming venues, the Internet, and lotteries; conducting an annual insight project that brings together problem gambling specialists, gaming providers, researchers, and gamblers to examine key responsible gambling issues in detail; and conducting commissioned research and evaluation of prevention programs for organizations in Canada, the U.S., and beyond.

Throughout the year, Dr. Wiebe is also invited to speak at international conferences and seminars. In addition to her work for the Council, she has held several research positions at organizations across the country, including the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, and the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse.


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