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November 20, 2013

Tweet Chat Details – Join The Conversation on November 28th!

The #HorizonsRG tweet chat on the topic of social gaming is fast approaching. It’s taking place next Thursday, November 28th from 10am to 11am PST. We’re expecting participation from responsible gambling thought-leaders and practitioners, industry experts and more – many of whom are directly involved in the creation of social gaming products and services. The tweet chat will provide an outstanding learning opportunity ahead of the New Horizons conference and we’re inviting everyone to join the conversation. Here’s how to get involved:

Before the Chat

  1. If you do not have an account yet, sign up for Twitter at The process is quick and easy.
  2. Once registered, click here to visit the @HorizonsRG Twitter page and select the “Follow” button as this is the account that will lead the discussion during the chat.

During the Chat

  1. At 10AM PST on November 28th, the @HorizonsRG account will kick things off by welcoming all participants to the chat and providing instructions on how the chat will work.
    Of note, Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet so be direct and concise! Or you have the option to break down your comments into multiple tweets. Click here for a how-to guide on how to post a tweet.
  2. Most important: For every tweet you send, please include #HorizonsRG somewhere in it. Including this hashtag will allow your tweets to be indexed as part of the conversation.
  3. For each question we ask, we’ll include a reference to the question number. For example, the first question will begin with Q1. Please include A1 in front of your answer to this tweet. For subsequent questions, please include AX, where X is the question you’re answering. This will allow all participants to easily follow your tweets.
  4. To reiterate, each tweet you send should include #HorizonsRG and A# at the beginning, where # is the question you’re answering or commenting on.
  5. If you have any questions, please email one of the New Horizons social media team at:, or

Tweet Chat Questions

For the purpose of the discussion, social gaming will be defined as: the activity or practice of playing an online game through a social media platform, generally earning tokens or credits. For this chat, we are focusing on social games that have characteristics related to gambling.

Q1. Do you agree with this definition? #HorizonsRG

Q2. What is the relationship between gaming and gambling? #HorizonsRG

Q3. What implications does early exposure to social gaming have on children? #HorizonsRG

Q4. Is social gaming a gateway activity to gambling? #HorizonsRG Q5. What obligation do game developers have to limit addictive game features? #HorizonsRG

Q6. Do social game developers have a responsibility to provide responsible play resources/education? #HorizonsRG

Q7. What impact will the lack of regulation in social gaming have in the future? #HorizonsRG

Q8. How should traditional gambling providers view social gambling? (Threat? Opportunity? Partnerships? Competition?) #HorizonsRG