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October 30, 2013

#HorizonsRG: Join the Conversation
on Twitter

Social media provides our industry a medium to engage, converse and collaborate around responsible gambling topics. Organic dialogue generated through social media can be a catalyst for innovation while providing transparent insight into some of the most pressing responsible gambling challenges faced by our industry. For this year’s conference, New Horizons is introducing our own hashtag for Twitter: #HorizonsRG. A hashtag is the # symbol placed in front of keywords or topics when tweeting. It’s used to categorize tweets so they can be easily searched, either through the search box or by clicking the hashtag itself. By including #HorizonsRG in your tweets about relevant topics (whether that be about the conference specifically or about responsible gambling in general) it will ensure that your tweets are easily searchable and grouped together with similar tweets that are related to responsible gambling or New Horizons. For example, you can go on to Twitter now and search for #HorizonsRG to see all of the dialogue previously posted. Feel free to join in those discussions!

During the New Horizons conference, the #HorizonsRG hashtag can be included in tweets about anything to do with the conference – from your thoughts on a specific session to questions you may have for speakers, or even about some of the things you see or do while visiting beautiful Vancouver. Live Twitter feeds will be shown on screens throughout the conference venue to help ignite fun and informative conversation amongst attendees, speakers, sponsors and staff. Also, if you’re unable to attend the conference, following the #HorizonsRG hashtag on Twitter can keep you in the loop and allow you to still participate in those discussions.

Stay tuned to this blog as we’ll outline the steps to get you started on Twitter in an upcoming post. We’re also planning a ‘Tweet Chat’ on the topic of social gaming that will take place on Thursday, November 28th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST. Please save the date and watch this space as we release more information closer to the ‘Tweet Chat’. We look forward to getting our dialogue started online prior to the conference.

If you’re already on Twitter please start by following us: @HorizonsRG