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January 30, 2015

The GameSense Guide to Visiting Vancouver

When it comes to responsible gambling, we always take every opportunity to share our GameSense Tips with folks visiting our fine city of Vancouver.

But what if those visitors are world leaders in the RG field? Not much point in GameSense guiding them – they know the drill. They invented the drill. They eat, sleep and breathe the drill.

So, given our conference delegates’ pre-eminent expertise in keeping gambling safe and fun, is there some other advice we could pass on to make the most of New Horizons time?

We think so.

Here are the official GameSense Tips for Visiting Vancouver:         

Drive for fun, not to make your destination. If you use a car, the result is never certain and gridlock is always a possibility. So look at driving as entertainment, like catching a concert or a movie, not a source of efficient travel.

Know how the Grouse Grind works and what the odds are before starting. The more you know about the Grouse Grind, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions before and while you hike.

Set a sushi budget and stick to it. Keeping it fun means eating within your means. When you set and stick to a sushi budget, you spend only money you can afford to chew.

Don't chase orcas. Accept them as a source of entertainment. Wondering if you can see more orcas by chasing more? It's possible, but unlikely. Chances are the more you chase, the more orcas you'll lose.

Balance Canucks bandwagoning with other types of leisure activities. Finding other types of entertainment to enjoy will help make sure that Canucks bandwagoning doesn't become your main activity or too big a part of your life. Ah, who are we kidding…GO CANUCKS!

Take frequent breaks from the rain. Every once in a while, it's a good idea to get away from the drizzle. Taking a break can help you find an umbrella, so going outside stays what it should be - a dry activity.

Set a time limit before you leave our great city. Actually, forget that – stay as long as you like!