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January 28, 2015

Responsible Gambling @ Chances Kelowna


The responsibility of being responsible


At Chances Kelowna we take pride in trying to get to know the players that walk through our doors.  Because we are small, we value their patronage on a very personal level.  Our employees get to know players’ names, their life stories, and of course the little things like how they take their coffee.

This is also why we take our responsible gambling initiatives seriously.  We care about our players and want each of them to be able to make informed choices about their gambling and recognize when it may time to take a step back and re-evaluate their time spent in our facility.  Sometimes this happens voluntarily, and other times it could take an interaction with our staff or a GameSense Advisor to help a player realize he or she is playing beyond their personal limit.

We welcome GameSense interactions and promotions on site.  Our celebrations include our GameSense team as we feel they are just as involved with our players as our employees are.  GameSense Advisors are on site to help educate players through activities, and celebrate responsible gambling achievements with our players!  Our goal is to ensure that our players recognize GameSense as a resource and not a roadblock.  We like to help facilitate a comfortable atmosphere for players and GameSense Advisors are there to build relationships as a proactive effort to keep gambling fun for our players.

We believe that facilitating this atmosphere begins with the training and education to our employees.  Having a clear understanding of GameSense and its role not only in the facility, but across the province, is how we make an uncomfortable topic like responsible gambling become a topic that we are prepared and content to discuss.

Responsible gambling is part of being empathetic and caring towards others.  It’s a corporate social responsibility that we are proud to be part of.

What initiatives does your site take to encourage responsible gambling?