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November 29, 2013

A Preview of the Pre-Conference Workshop: Energy Savings in Casinos

With the speakers and expert panel members confirmed, the pre-conference workshop is starting to fill up.

Energy Conservation in Gambling Facilities is a workshop aimed at facilities managers and CSR practitioners looking for practical and proven ways to reduce energy consumption in their buildings. The session will feature success stories from energy managers at Great Canadian Gaming andGateway Casinos demonstrating how they’ve implemented change in their facilities.

River Rock Casino

Great Canadian Gaming’s energy manager and chief engineer Mike Urbascommissioned an energy study from BC Hydro that identified a range of potential energy savings at the River Rock Casino Resort, trimming approximately $56,000 annually from the facility’s electricity bill and saving 700,000 kWh.

In an interview with BC Hydro, Urbas says, "[The study] tells you where the energy is going, what percentage goes to heating for the hotel rooms, casino lighting, cooling, how much energy your pumps are using, how much energy your fans are using. And then, the part that I'm mostly interested in is projects for reducing energy."

Savings were achieved through simple actions like adding a motion sensor on the water slide in the pool, so that the pump only switched on when someone climbed the stairs, or by adjusting the cooling system by a few degrees.

Read the full story here.

Grand Villa Casino

At the Grand Villa Casino, Gateway Casino’s energy operations manager Jeff Lee oversaw a project that saved energy and reduced maintenance costs.

High up on the tower at Grand Villa there are 119 lights, and when one burns out it’s very noticeable. Faced with the high maintenance costs associated with replacing the bulbs, such as obtaining a hanging platform and having to close off a street, Jeff looked for alternative solutions. The result? LED lights that have a lifespan up to five times longer than the bulbs they replaced and are more energy efficient too. Annual cost savings from replacing the existing lights with LEDs is estimated at $23,000.

In an interview with BC Hydro, Lee says, "We're trying to go beyond the conventional retrofit, to really optimize savings. We just use so much electricity and nothing ever turns off. So we want to operate as efficiently as possible. We care about the environment, and the people around us."

Read the full story here

New Horizons is excited these energy managers from our service providers have agreed to contribute to the workshop and share their stories. Their efforts and enthusiasm demonstrate that energy conservation is about achieving a win-win for operating budgets and the environment.

In addition to our service providers, Stantec Consulting will present the benefits of energy audits and a lighting specialist from BC Hydro will join our expert panel session. We invite you to register and benefit from learning directly from these experts.

More information about the workshop is available on