Conference Information

Thanks to the information shared at the annual New Horizons conference over the past decade, BCLC and other conference delegates have grown and strengthened their responses to the promotion of healthy play, problem gambling prevention and support programs. This momentum and progress remains a priority.

Looking forward at New Horizons 2023:

Come reconnect with us and rediscover the progress we continue to make collectively as an industry. This two-day event will explore the latest in regulation, research, healthier play programing and strategies on how we can contribute to a sustainable future in player health. Here are some of the themes we’ll hone-in on and more:

Player Protection – Learn more about the various ways technology, safeguards and best practices can influence player protection. 

Player Education & Support – Learn how integrated player education and support programs can better inform players and ultimately shape player behaviours. 

Regulation – Learn about proactive regulation taking place around the world. 

Stigma – Learn how we can all act, regardless of our roles, to address stigma.

Financial Literacy – Learn more about how financial literacy campaigns can benefit your players and your responsible gambling programs. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rediscover the power of connection and what we can achieve when we learn and work together. Register now to save your spot.