Thanks to the information shared at the annual New Horizons conference over the past several years, BCLC and other conference delegates have grown and strengthened their responses to the promotion of healthy play, problem gambling prevention and support programs. This momentum and progress remains a priority.

In response to our new normal, BCLC has evolved New Horizons into a virtual conference to bridge the physical distance and bring the community together to continue the critical conversations, innovation and collaboration that must go on. 

Player Health Reboot: Resetting the Future

Conference dates: March 9-10, 2021

This year’s theme, “Player Health Reboot: Resetting the Future,” aims to help level set what we know and enhance our tools, settings and programs to work better for us now and into the future. This virtual conference features presentations, in-depth discussions, and stimulating conversation on topics including:

  • Sports betting and lessons learned
  • Examining the future of cashless technologies
  • Emerging social games and its consequences and risks
  • Shifting from problem gambling to a focus on harms
  • Marketing with social purpose and impact
  • Applying behavioural science to drive positive change
  • Day-trading and emerging risks
  • Latest research developments and insights from the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC
  • Renewed approaches to effective player support services
  • Cultural awareness approaches to responsible gambling dialogue

Keynote speaker

man in suit with glasses

Sanjay Khanna

Futurist and Strategic Advisor