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Finding Help | GameSense

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Ryan Persaud | 2017 Speakers

Ryan Persaud



Ryan Persaud is a market research and analytics leader with over 10 years of experience in the field of consumer insights. Ryan is currently employed as Senior Manager, Enterprise Insights & Analytics Strategy at British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). He leads a team of Analyst and Research Specialists in the execution of quantitative and qualitative market research and Business Analytics Intake for the enterprise, while overseeing the planning, development and maintenance of the Enterprise Business Intelligence Strategic Plan. As a Toronto native, he completed an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. He has also worked in a variety of sectors in both B2C and B2B segments within the supplier and client sides of the industry.

Integrating Insights: Responsible Gambling Research Shares a Different Perspective of Players

A traditional view of how market research can support business decisions may be focused solely on commerce concepts such as: product, marketing, and operations. As we continue to focus on healthy approaches and positive growth to gambling, we began to uncover new customer insights focused on responsible gambling. How do we leverage this to learn more about our players?

This presentation will highlight recent responsible gambling research initiatives that BCLC has been involved in over the past year. It will cover topics such as; responsible gambling segmentation, GameSense branding insights, and how it has benefited BCLC in learning more about whom our players are and how we can use this information in business planning.

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